There are many keyboard shortcuts available while watching a Youtube video. Are there shortcuts to move forward and backward through a video's chapters by using a keyboard?

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    It isn't possible as of now – Monk Jul 13 '20 at 1:34

Kinda - you can press Tab until you end up in the video description, and from there you can navigate the timestamps. But there isn't yet one in the player itself to my knowledge.


There is a chrome extension called Tweaks for YouTube that allows this:

Image of tweaks for youTube

It binds n to next chapter and p to previous chapter

enter image description here


Yes you can :) You just press:

  • on a mac: ⌥ + ▶ (OPTION + RIGHT-ARROW)
  • on windows: CTRL + RIGHT-ARROW
  • I'm probably in a different parallel universe, because those mac keys don't work for me. They just move forward 5 seconds. Yes, the video has chapters. – Onnonymous Jul 15 at 9:46
  • I get the 5 sec forward when I press RIGHT-ARROW without the option key – blackjacx Jul 15 at 16:40
  • I must have somehow made it back to the normal universe, because now it works as you described! Either that, or there was a speck of dust below the option key. – Onnonymous Jul 23 at 10:06

On Windows, Ctrl-RightArrow moves forward a chapter, and Ctrl-LeftArrow moves back.

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    Would the person who downvoted this contribution of a new user be so kind to explain why? – Onnonymous Jul 23 at 10:13

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