There are many keyboard shortcuts available while watching a Youtube video. Are there shortcuts to move forward and backward through a video's chapters by using a keyboard?

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    It isn't possible as of now
    – Monk
    Commented Jul 13, 2020 at 1:34

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There now are: Ctrl+ and on Windows, ⌥ opt+ and on Mac.

You can see a list of all shortcuts on YouTube by clicking on your user avatar in the top right corner and then selecting "Keyboard shortcuts".

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    This is the right answer: on a mac: ⌥ + ▶ (OPTION + RIGHT-ARROW) on windows: CTRL + RIGHT-ARROW
    – Ansjovis86
    Commented Sep 2, 2021 at 18:57
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    Thank you, @Ansjovis86 - I updated the answer to reflect the current state. Commented Sep 4, 2021 at 10:05
  • doesnt work on mac Commented Mar 10, 2023 at 18:40

There is a chrome extension called Tweaks for YouTube that allows this:

Image of tweaks for youTube

It binds n to next chapter and p to previous chapter

enter image description here


Yes you can :) You just press:

  • on a mac: ⌥ + ▶ (OPTION + RIGHT-ARROW)
  • on windows: CTRL + RIGHT-ARROW
  • I'm probably in a different parallel universe, because those mac keys don't work for me. They just move forward 5 seconds. Yes, the video has chapters.
    – Onnonymous
    Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 9:46
  • I get the 5 sec forward when I press RIGHT-ARROW without the option key
    – blackjacx
    Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 16:40
  • I must have somehow made it back to the normal universe, because now it works as you described! Either that, or there was a speck of dust below the option key.
    – Onnonymous
    Commented Jul 23, 2021 at 10:06
  • This should be the accepted answer!
    – Ansjovis86
    Commented Sep 2, 2021 at 18:56

There doesn't appear to be a native keyboard shortcut for chapter navigation as of the writing of this answer. Details:

  • The Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube help center article does not list chapter navigation in the list of shortcuts
  • Hitting Shift + ? while on youtube.com brings up the list of shortcuts, and chapters are not in that list either.

screenshot captured on August 8, 2021

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