When I accidentally opened the notification window two times the replies there disappeared.


If you want to check replies to your comments, just got to the YouTube channel that posted the video, find your comment, and open replies. If you saw replies before and they are no longer there than its possible that the people who replied deleted their comments (reply to your comment). You can also try a different browser which sometimes can fix problems like that.

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    Well, duh! Of course everybody knows to go manually to a video to see if there are replies. But I was hoping for a more automatic method, as in a page where I can see all replies I've received to my comments, because manually going one by one into ALL the videos I ever commented on in my life seems like an incredibly time-wasting method.
    – OMA
    May 6 '21 at 18:25


I have the same problem. I don’t want to have to scroll through the entire thread to find the reply to my comment. Even when I get an email notification that I received a reply, when I click the reply button, does it take me to the reply? No it doesn’t. I’m back to the beginning of the thread again. When there are thousands or even millions of comments, I’m not scrolling the entire stinking thread to find it. What good are notifications, if it doesn’t take you to the reply? It’s useless. I guess I’ll keep searching for an answer. This is ridiculous.

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