My friend has the URL youtube.com/name under his YouTube account which I want to transfer to my Google account.

When I type in the URL youtube.com/name I am redirected to another URL youtube.com/c/name2, which is also owned by my friend.

  1. Does anyone know what this URL is referred to in Googles internal? (Is this a channel?)
  2. Do you know where my friend can login on his google or YouTube account to manage redirects and hopefully also transfer the URL's?

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He has to choose another youtube.com/another_name and then you could ask for youtube.com/name from account settings if you satisfy the requirements.


The URL you are referring is the channel URL, instructions to setup and modify channel URL can be found at https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2657968?hl=en

For transferring channels, your best options is to convert the YouTube channel to a Brand Account, details can be found here:

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