I get technology newsletter in my office mailbox in Outlook that I have pinned so every new email from same sender stays on top, I want to know if similarly of there exist any feature that can pin the email from specific sender on top ?

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A way to get gmail to show this one email at the top of the window is to use multiple inboxes. I am going to assume that the newsletter has the label "thenewsletter"

  1. Go to settings/inbox
  2. Change inbox type to multiple inboxes
  3. Define the search query for section 1 to be "label:thenewsletter"
  4. You can specify a small number for Maximim page size
  5. Pick "above the inbox" for Multiple inbox position.
  6. Don't forget to click save.

Now you will see above the main inbox a section that shows the most recent conversations/messages that meet the specified criteria.

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