I have an existing e-mail address (hosted using Exchange) that I use for my Google account (for Calendar and Docs, etc.) and now want to enable e-mail on that account as well. I've found information on how to migrate account contents once I've enabled e-mail, but it's not clear from what I've found how to enable e-mail in the first place.

Starting from a state where I have an existing Google account for me@abc.xyz (for Calendar and Docs, etc.) with the e-mail address hosted on Exchange, how do I get to a state where me@abc.xyz is hosted fully on my Google account (Mail in addition to Calendar and Docs, etc.)?

(If it matters, the next thing I'll want to do is "upgrade" to G-Suite with me@abc.xyz as the Super Admin.)


Your first step is to sign-up into G Suite

  1. Go to https://gsuite.google.com
  2. Click the Get started button
  3. Fill up the form / follow the instructions

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