I'm trying to make a worksheet where I log shift hours.

I made columns with dates and to each date a row of hours

I want the date text to be green if in the same row a cell is not empty..

The code I used here apply only for column B and I don't know how to do it so the other columns applied as well =NOT(ISBLANK(B4:B43))

If possible.. I would also prefer to do it so I will not have to add any letters like - inside the cell but only color the cells

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You can use conditional formatting that applies to your column range (All the dates). In my example this is A2:A6. Then I created the custom formula =COUNTA(B2:F2) to make sure a cell is colored when one or more cells in its corresponding row are not empty.

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This solution is dependent on the cells not being blank so only colors won't work. Detecting if a cell has a specific color using the by default available functions is not possible as far as I know. You could however create a Google Apps Script script to use in the sheet. For this I recommend looking at Calculating shaded cells.

Personally I recommend just using the first approach as this is a lot easier.

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