A week or two ago, a very useful Facebook feature seemed to disappear: Searching within a Facebook group and ordering the results by time posted ("Sort by: Most recent").

Before, the shown results were sorted as expected: strictly from newest first to oldest.

Now, the results are mixed, sometimes the first result can be 3 years old, followed by one from this month. It seems as if posts where I commented are given some preference.

Here's an example link triggering such a "Most Recent" search:

As you notice, a result from June 30 appears before one of July 4th.

In other groups, the problem is worse, as really old posts clutter the first results. (But they are private, so I can't provide an example link.)

Can you reproduce the problem? Any idea how I could fix it?

Edit: Today, the problem seems to be gone, the results appear in correct, descending order.

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