I have 3 tabs. "Timestamps" "Techs/Locations" and "Display."

My form timestamps when an employee clocks in or out. I have created two separate columns to carry over the date and time from the timestamp column (which is hidden)

The form set up my sheet to have columns B:AA as each location.

As a clock in/out is performed, it records the name under the corresponding location's column.

I want to carry over the data of the employee of my choice has onto my DISPLAY sheet. I have tried Vlookup, but it only searches in the FIRST column. I have 26 COLUMNS. There is no way around the number of columns I have discovered.

I have tried INDEX/MATCH, Query, etc. The DISPLAY sheet has a drop down list of the employees. I wanted to do something such as:


Here is a link to an identical sheet with all information shortened and changed: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U3ZBCI8tHObUNa7dUv6j04-syd0EkOMD8e3yyQ3SVL4/edit?gid=301227841

Again, I want to be able to go into "Display" tab, click a name off the drop down list, and view that individual's data- which would be pulled from "timestamps."


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