Because the divs have random hash classes I can't figure out how to hide them or what to hide them with. These sections take up an insane amount of space and the content is terrible, would love to hide them.

I tried div[aria-label="Timeline: Trending now"] {display:none;} with Stylish but either the selector or chrome extension didn't work.


I found using the uBlock Origin extension to be highly effective. To hide the "What's Happening" section first install the extension, then open the uBlock extension Dashboard controls and go to -> my filters -> and add the following custom filter

twitter.com##[aria-label$="trending now" i]

then hit-> apply


Sometimes it still shows for me too, but it helps to add the !important flag. Usually when I refresh the page, it goes away:

div[aria-label="Timeline: Trending now"] {display:none !important;}

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