Can someone explain why I cannot scroll forever on Facebook on the HOME page? It does not matter what browser I use, Chrome or the new Microsoft. At first, I thought it was my computer and cleared some things. Don't ask me what because I do not remember but a techo friend suggested I clear a few things, so I did. That did not solve the problem. I am using her computer now while she works on mine for other reasons. I can scroll forever on my Android phone. I can even swipe to the left and see more things. I can click on the GROUPS button and see things that have not appeared on my HOME page. What gives?

Also, why does Facebook greet me with a Welcome to Facebook blue box and everything is blank below it when I have been on FB since 2008. I don't want to add anymore friends either and it tries to do that and restricts what I can see. So I delete all their recommended friend choices and still nothing. It is very frustrating when I just want to poke around and see what friends have been doing. Thank you!

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