I have always loved the idea of a video format that has "Markers" or certain points in the video that have some special significance.

Recently I made an animated video for a product, and I played the video on slides while I presented it to our marketing team. I also talked over the video, pausing it at points where animated charts and diagrams freeze for a second or two.

When I am done using the frame as an image to point out critical design elements, I can click the pointer to animate through to the next point where I want to pause and use a single frame more like an image.

Right now I split my animated videos into 20+ segments, take snapshots of frames where I want to pause, and make slides with video snippet, snapshot, video snippet, snapshot, video snippet, snapshot, video, snippet, snapshot and so on. Now, I just typed out that sequence with four iterations, and I imagine it was quite frustrating to read repetitive text that could have been expressed using one iteration with a x4 at the end. Now imagine how frustrating it is for me to CUT, SNAP, UPLOAD, and organize 20+ segments in a presentation, repetitive actions that could be done on one slide with an auto-pause feature.

I have seen this question but the only answer is to do exactly what I'm doing now. I don't care if I have to write a custom Google Slides extension to accomplish this behavior, but I want to see if anyone has other suggestions.

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