Gmail is run with the "Google closure Tool" and there are a couple of functions I would like to be able to manually set of myself, maybe with a keyboard shortcut.

I cannot work out the order of function calls to get this to work. Hoping you can help.

When I fire an event via "mouseup" say over the <div class="T-Kw-Jt" title="RGB (255, 153, 0)" style="background-color: rgb(255, 153, 0); user-select: none;"></div> which is going to change the color of the selected text.

According to the Dev performance profiler, I see this sequence of events happen Dev tools code profiler I then have looked at various levels of the tree, and cannot work out which one I should call or how to call it.

For example in the console, I believe something like calling yGc or zGc would work, however I am not sure how to control the variables b and c in those calls.

Hoping someone with far great experience with the GCT tool can help me navigate the multitude of letter codes for things.

Thanks in advance.