I am currently trying to find a solution to open a Facebook page in the native app instead of browser without using any Deeplinks (I am not sure if Deeplinks might even help).

I have a page https://www.facebook.com/LisasJourneys/. My intention is to open the native Facebook app instead of the browser when I click the link in my website (eg personalsite.com), how can I achieve this? Currently for Facebook when I click the link it just opens the browser.

The problem only exists with Facebook; Instagram/twitter seems to open native apps with normal https link i.e https://www.instagram.com/account_name

I have come across several examples i.e using fb://xxxxx more info at this link, however, this seems to be really hacky way and there is a chance this might not work and also some devices might or might not support. Has anyone been able to achieve this without any workaround but a simple link?

Any suggestions or hints are much appreciated.

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