Below is actually everything that is needed to answer this question.

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You can use the following formula instead:


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Functions used:

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Another approach:



FILTER can take an array as its first argument. The tricky part is that every element of that array must have the same dimensions. While A2:A4 is a 3x1 range, SUM(1,3) is a 1x1 range. But this can be solved by multiplying SUM(1,3) by a sort of placeholder 3x1 array: ROW(A2:A4)^0. Since every element in A2:A4 has a row number, and any number to the zero power (^0) is 1, this just signals Google Sheets to give you SUM(1,3) "multiplied by 1 for three rows. And that makes the two elements of that curly-bracket array match up with everything else.

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  • Really cool to see. How do you know all this? Could you recommend a course? – Fabian Jul 22 at 14:32
  • ROW(A2:A4)^0 Why can't I just fill in 1? This is hard to understand. – Fabian Jul 22 at 15:17
  • Again, every part of an array must have the same dimensions. So you can't multiply a range of values by a single number, like A2:A4 x 1, because A2:A4 is three rows by one column, while 1 is just 1 row by 1 column. You need a way to apply the x1 to every element of A2:A4 (like A2:A4 x {1;1;1}. I could have used something else, like IF(LEN(A2:A4), SUM(1,3),"") or IF(ROW(A2:A4), SUM(1,3),""). You just have to have some way of applying SUM(1,3) to every part of A2:A4 so they take up the same number of rows and columns. – Erik Tyler Jul 22 at 15:42
  • Thank you for your reaction. I'm gonna take another good look at it. I want to understand. – Fabian Jul 22 at 17:39

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