Edited: this question was associated with another question. I read that answer, appreciate it. Since importxml not working, I wonder what the format would be to read this in another way like importdata?

======= I am trying to get the data from this web page into a Google sheet:


For example for the value 77 in the chart near the bottom, I had been using importxml but it returns #N/A:

=importxml("https://www.validea.com/factor-report/AAPL", "/html/body/form/div/div/div[6]/div/div[1]/div/svg/g[1]/g[4]/g[24]/g/g/text[2]")

How do you pull the data from the chart, and is there a way to pull the data in once so that each item doesn't need to re-query the page?

Any help is much appreciated.

  • There is no way to use Google Sheets built-in functions to scrap data from dynamic pages. – Rubén Jul 24 '20 at 1:16