In Google Sheets, I have check boxes in column C, and I have numbers in Column B. I want to check the boxes in C and cause column B's numbers to automatically get multiplied by 2, when the boxes are checked. When I do this I keep running into Circular dependency issues. Is there a way to include the hand typed data by the user in the Cell into the formula applied to the cell itself? In some coding languages there is a key word like "this" or something, but I couldn't find and equivalent in Google sheets. This is my formula, what should I do to make this work.

  • Welcome. You're thinking of "Google Apps Script" . You could write some code that, as you tick a box (checkbox), would create a value of double of the number in column B. You'd probably want to use a onEdit trigger to detect the change in the box. There are lots of tutorials, examples, as well as solutions to specific questions on this site and stackoverflow.. This is the obvious plave to start - Google Apps Script – Tedinoz Jul 25 at 13:29

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