Yesterday i sent a message to one of my contacts, after a few hours the message showed the double check, so it was marked as read, but the last access was still over a week ago. Does anyone know how is it possible? I tried to browse the web and i found out that Telegram Web sometimes screws up with the "Last seen" feature, so maybe that's the issue, does anyone know more about it?

I already did some experiments:

  • tapping "Mark as read" on the telegram notification also changes your status to online;
  • turning on airplane mode / disabling Wi-Fi before reading the message does not show the message as read until Telegram is opened again with an internet connection, so this also affect the online status.

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It happens when the user has changed his show Last seen & online settings. It is a privacy setting, and one may hide his/her last seen status from everyone or selectively from some people.

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