Here is my query. I want "select * limit 5") the 5 to come from a cell. How do I do that?

=ArrayFormula(AVERAGE(QUERY(SORT(Tabell!D4:D33,ROW(Tabell!D4:D33)*ISNUMBER(Tabell!D4:D33),0),"select * limit 5")))

  • Welcome to Web Applications. It's not clear what is your question about. Please add some sample data input and the expected result. – Rubén Jul 28 at 20:18

Use the following, assuming the limit is on cell A1

=QUERY(SORT(Tabell!D4:D33,ROW(Tabell!D4:D33)*ISNUMBER(Tabell!D4:D33),0),"select * limit " & A1)))
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Please use the following formula:

=ArrayFormula(AVERAGE(QUERY(SORT(Tabell!D4:D33,ROW(Tabell!D4:D33)*ISNUMBER(Tabell!D4:D33),0),"select * limit "&D2&"")))

(where D2 is the cell containing 5)

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