I've added the Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking JS to my website and now I need to see if it's working. My problem is, I have no idea what section of the admin I need to look in.

Does anyone know where in the Analytics admin, the Ecommerce Tracking is?

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On your Google Analytics dashboard, the left navigation should contain the following items:

  • Dashboard
  • Intelligence Beta
  • Visitors
  • Traffic Sources
  • Content
  • Goals
  • Ecommerce

If you don't see Ecommerce listed, your profile is not set up as an ecommerce site in Google Analytics.

To rectify this:

  1. Go to Analytis Settings, find your profile and choose Edit.
  2. In the Main Website Profile Information seciotn, choose Edit.
  3. Under E-Commerce Website, choose the radio option Yes, an E-Commerce Site
  4. Save Changes

its also worth double checking that everything is sending correctly. Check with this chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/jnkmfdileelhofjcijamephohjechhna

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