I am looking for a way to get an RSS-Feed that serves the same content as the main view on Twitter. I am following about 20 people at the moment and I could of course get an RSS-Feed from each of them separately, but I don't want my RSS-Reader to be cluttered with 20 Feeds if I can aggregate them into a single feed.

I don't want to maintain two different lists, the one on twitter and the one for my RSS-Feed. What I am looking for is a service that aggregates those RSS-Feeds via the list on Twitter. Or maybe Twitter offers such an RSS-Feed all by itself and I haven't been able to locate it. Any hints how I should approach this problem? I am using the Google-Reader if it makes any difference.


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The simplest RSS aggregators are ones such as rssmix, which I used a few times in the past, it's very simple.

On the other hand, there are social aggregators, such as Waaffle and Taggbox, which I believe has some more comfortable and user friendly capabilities, but I've never tried them.

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