I would like to list all videos I've uploaded to YouTube, but not added to any playlist. Is there any way to do it? I looked at https://studio.youtube.com/, https://www.youtube.com/view_all_playlists?nv=1, but don't see such option/filter.

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You need to write your own program to do that. I advice using the youtube-dl library.


I'm looking for alternative answers, but here's one option:

You can use JDownloader: first crawl each playlist, then crawl all videos. Works also for other people's channels.

If Duplicate Manager ("Dupe Manager") and YouTube Crawl Duplicate Check ("YouTube Crawl Dupe Check") are enabled in Settings -> Advanced Settings (which they probably are by default) and JDownloader packages are named by YouTube playlists in Settings -> Plugins -> YouTube (which they probably are by default), then the last package will contain only videos that are not in the previously crawled playlists.

For playlists and channels with more than 100 videos, you'll need a workaround:

  • One option is to scroll down to the end in the browser and copy the entire list of videos, instead of copying the link to the playlist or channel.

    If the link to the channel gets copied while copying videos from a playlist, you have to first disable the Clipboard Observer in JDownloader, add links for example via the Add New Links button at the bottom left, and delete the link to the channel before clicking Continue.

  • Other workarounds are explained on the JDownloader forum.

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