I'm building a social networking website and want to add account configuration to it. Specifically, I want to achieve the following functionalities:

When a user signs up/logs in with email, he/she will choose to be redirected to either the general version of the website or the institution-specific version of the website. The institution-specific version of the website will have design catered to the icon, theme color, and culture of that institution. Also, as this is a social networking site, the user will only be able to see the users from the same institution on the institution-specific version of the website.

For example, if the user signs up with the email xxx@harvard.edu and chooses to be redirected to the Harvard-specific version, he will only see and interact with other people from Harvard on that version, and the theme color of the website will probably be deep red. Besides, the domain name of the website would become something like harvard.mywebsite.com.

I searched online for and none of the results addressed how to achieve the above functionalities. Really appreciate your help if you can offer some hints on which direction I should go. Thanks!

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