I have two accounts:



All emails sent to a@gmail.com automatically forwarded to b@gmail.com

Now. when I see a calendar invite in b@gmail.com and accept it, I want that who sent the invite will see that a@gmail.com accepted it (he don't know that I'm using b@gmail.com)

I have tried to created a shared calendar, so when I accept it on b@gmail.com, I see it on a@gmail.com.

Anyway I want to not confuse my hosts, and that they will see that a@gmail.com did it?

How can I do it? Any solution is acceptable (If it's not built-in in Google, Maybe using App-script, Chrome extension, or who knows)

I have read this: How can I respond to Google Calendar invitations from my alternate email? but it's seems not what I'm looking for.

Also: Associate two email addresses (for invitations) with the same Google Calendar? but it seems since the second account is on gmail I can't make it alternative email address.

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