It blows my mind that I haven't seen anyone else with this issue yet, but here is the situation: I'm looking for the best method to convert a PDF into a Google Sheet (or how to scrape the data).

I've come across different plug-ins, but the free versions are very limited (and the work-flow moves rather slow).

Is there not a Sheets function that can directly scrape data from a file link? Something like ImportHTML, but for PDFs? I've yet to come across something that Google Sheets cannot do, so I think I am just missing something here.

Right now, I'm using a PDF -> Excel converter tool (because it isn't limiting the # of conversions) and then uploading into a Google Sheet. The converter moves very slow as well, making this process quite tedious.

Would anyone be able to shed some light here? Are these plug-ins (which like I said, are slow and not free) the only option?

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