When I add a new row for the current reporting month to the top (becomes row 9), my absolute cell references in my formulas on rows 3–5 change to move down a row, now referencing rows 10 and 11, instead of rows 9 and 10. Which I'm sure is intended behaviour for the spreadsheet.

However I always want the data in rows 9 and 10 to be compared (the most current two months).

Eg at the end of August I will add a new row 9 for August 2020, and I want to compare August with July, not continue to compare July with June. Seems intuitive / straightforward enough, but somehow need to work around how Google Sheets treats these references.


Kudos to {Stephen,G} for this simple answer on the Google Docs Editors Community.

The INDIRECT function was what I needed. I had tried it myself previously but I made the simple error of not wrapping the cell reference in double quotes (not sure why that is exactly, but that's how it goes!)


  • Hopefully that helps some others.
    – Drewdavid
    Aug 6 '20 at 20:24

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