I would to get the sum of the duration of the column B

| A | 14:45:00 |
| A | #Value!  |
| A | 13:34:50 |
| B | 23:41:00 |
| B | 43:46:00 |

I'm using these functions :

=SUMIF( A1:A5 ; "B" ;B1:B5 ) this one gives me the sum of time

=SUMIF( A1:A5 ; "A" ;B1:B5 ) This one doesn't work because I've an Error with #Value! in B2.

How to jump over the "#Value! Error" cells with SUMIF ?

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There are two criteria:

  • Must have A in column A

  • Column B must have a value.

So, use SUMIFS



Here is the screenshot of where I used the formula:


Also, make sure format is set to duration where you are performing the sum.


Please use the following formula instead:

=SUM(QUERY(A1:B5,"where A='A'"))

How to SUM the "#Value! Error" cells

Functions used:

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