When I type first few letter of an address in the ~To~, ~Cc~, or ~Bcc~ field during email composing, Gmail is not suggesting suggest addresses from my previous emails IDs.

For example, before, when I need to type the ID ~xyz2050@gmail.com~ during mailcompose, when I just used to type first few letters, say, ~xyx~, a list of ~matching~ email Ids would appear in a form of dropdown list. I didn't change setting of my Firefox browser or my Gmail account "knowingly~

Note when I am viewing the inbox mails in "standard view", it is ok. But when I am viewing in "HTML" view, the problem remain same.

e.g., if I type ~doe~, gmail remember the following dropdown list-

enter image description here

But from last 2-3 days when I am composing mail, Gmail doesn't show the address drop down list matching to it.

Help me

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