I was wondering if I had a doc A that was saved in two separate folder locations, if there was a way for me to edit the document in one folder and the edits would also show in the other saved doc A in the other folder?
Almost like the way labels work in gmail.

  • Are you editing a Docs editor in the cloud, or a document that is edited with a program on your computer?
    – ahorn
    Nov 13, 2020 at 20:17

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You can do that for any file or folder by creating a shortcut using ALT while dragging the file/folder to another location in your drive.

You will notice the small + sign under the file/folder

create a shortcut in Google Drive

In the new location you can notice the little arrow stating that this is a shortcut.

enter image description here

Also. When right clicking the file, you will find the new option Show file location

enter image description here


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