Basically, I have a bunch of files in a shared google drive, let's say:


I am trying to get rid of all of the "123"'s and replace them with an empty space, or just replace "123_" with "_". I am not particularly familiar with google scripts (I do understand basic programming logic though), but yeah, basically I was wondering if anyone knows how I could make a script for this as there is a very large amount of files. Thanks ever so much.

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    Please add a brief description of your search/research efforts as is suggested by How to Ask – Rubén Aug 23 at 15:48
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    Sometimes it is hard to know just where to start. Google "google drive script bulk rename files" you will get a LOT of hits. Many will reference the Bulk Renamer for Drive - about which I know nothing and have no opinion. You'll also find some general scripts such as Bulk rename files in Google Drive which I tested and it does exactly what it says on the tin. if you need help with the latter, let me know. – Tedinoz Aug 24 at 12:22

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