Every time I go to pass through a Google page for something (e.g. to authenticate through my Gmail account), if I'm not logged in the page appears in the language of the country where I am (Dutch, in Belgium, which I don't speak), rather than the language of my browser or the language of my computer (English).

How could I change that and have Google page appear in English for me by default?

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Make sure your browser sends en as the preferred language (visit http://echo.opera.com to check the Accept-Language header).

Note that it's not enough to list only English – Google discards that, likely under the assumption that it's a meaningless default value (e.g. fresh browser install).

Instead, the browser needs to list both English with high priority and some other language with low priority. If at least two languages are listed, then Google will actually honor the request and will use the highest-priority language.

Accept-Language: en-US, en, ru;q=0.9
  • This seems to work, thank you.
    – msoutopico
    Commented Sep 5, 2020 at 12:44

You cannot.

Google determines what you see as follows:

  • Are you logged in? Yes: get the language from the logged in users preference
  • No, Then what is the IP-address of the internet connection?
  • Translate location based upon IP-address
  • Redirect to google site in that language, such as google.be etc.

So, either login and stay logged in or use something like a VPN to route the traffic through your original country so Google will see that IP-address instead.

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