I'm searching for a way through YouTube APIs to get my personal YouTube account comment history, to delete old comments i made at the beginning of my channel (2014).

I have tried using the YouTube feature (https://www.youtube.com/feed/history/comment_history), but the comments I seek to delete are actually very old, I have a huge commenting activity and scrolling to them it's too time wasting due to it being slow and the results being too few (getting to six month old comments takes twenty minutes), without taking into consideration that the comment history shown is not complete as it lacks a lot of comments I remember making (that I can sometimes find as I refresh the page to start again). I have tried searching about how to use YouTube APIs to get my personal comment history, in a bulk and preferably in any format I can parse so to sort it and reach my goal on the Internet but it seems that there are no available information.

It's possible? How I can do so?

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