I have some files that I want to distribute to people which is not a large group of people. Let's say 10 downloads of all files a week.

The number of files are are about 50, and the total size is 10 GB.

Now the files are all in different folders.

And when people download them, sometimes they report issues like: "Download limit exceeded".

So I ask them to login to Google account. But then the issue becomes, how to download all of these files at once. Extensions like DownThemAll seem to fail for Google Drive links.

jdownloader2 has the best chance but even that requires a proper configuration to work.

How can I make this, either by some command line tool or some other way to allow people to download all of my file links at once. The links are different for each person and is given to them via email in the form of a list of shared link URLs.

Is this unreasonable. Is there a better way?


Create a folder for every person. In each folder, put shortcuts to the files they need. You can create a shortcut for an item by right-clicking it, then selecting "Add a shortcut to Drive"; move the shortcut to the individual's folder once you have created the shortcut. Now, share each person's individual folder with them. They can then download that folder, and that action will download the latest version of the original files.

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