I created a google-group mygroup and asked to also create an email address for the group, mygroup@googlegroups.com. I want to email from my gmail account such that the sender address will be mygroup@googlegroups.com.

I went to Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Send mail as: -> Add another email address, added mygroup@googlegroups.com, checked "Treat as an alias" and clicked Next, but got a red error message saying "Please enter a valid email address".

How can I add this sender address?

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You can send email from the Google Groups address using its web page (see the steps below; they're harder to find after the recent UI changes), but you're correct that Gmail won't accept a group as a "Send mail as" address. (If that ever changes, it's probably better to uncheck the "Treat as an alias" box.)

To email from a Groups address:

  1. Go to the Groups conversation list on the web, https://groups.google.com/g/mygroup.
  2. Click the "+ New conversation" sausage near the upper left corner. (It doesn't look so much like a button.) --> That opens a New conversation in mygroup send-mail form.
  3. In that send-mail form, click the down-arrow in the From section.
  4. Pick mygroup@googlegroups.com in the list.
  5. Compose and send.
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    I saw this form, but I do not see a "To" field in this form. This means that I can send a message only to the entire group - not to a specific person. Sep 4, 2020 at 5:40
  • Erel Segal-Halevi as far as I know, it can only send to the entire group. You can check the Help Center, support.google.com/groups/?hl=en . Maybe your purpose requires another Gmail account. A good way to switch between accounts is to use a separate Chrome user profile for each one, or a separate browser.
    – Jerry101
    Sep 4, 2020 at 14:53

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