I just found out, that without ever being asked Google stored a lot of my passwords in my google account. Most of them come back from when I was a kid and used Google Chrome for a while. I found these at passwords.google.com.

I want to delete all the passwords and accounts from the list. It allows me to delete one by one, but that's quite tedious. It's a 3 click process with loading time delays.

How to delete all the passwords?


One possible solution is

  1. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner
  2. Click "More Tools" > "Clear Browsing Data"
  3. On the new page, change the time frame to "All Time"
  4. Click "Advanced"
  5. Select "Passwords" before clicking on "Clear Data"

There is no way to restore passwords after doing this to my knowledge.

Source: https://support.google.com/accounts/thread/3509905?hl=en

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    I don't have google chrome browser. Sep 2 '20 at 9:00
  • then download it ! Sep 3 '20 at 11:25
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    After doing this, I still have all my passwords available at passwords.google.com. How do I clear them from there as well? Mar 19 at 18:56
  • If this doesn't delete them from passwords.google.com, then your only option is to delete them manually, one at a time. Theoretically, you could use the password import/export to override all existing passwords to make the data useless, but I haven't tested it. Mar 29 at 2:49
  • Import/export idea doesn't work.
    – simesy
    Aug 30 at 5:30

To clear all the passwords stored in your Google account:

  1. Open your Google password manager at https://passwords.google.com
  2. Click on settings
  3. Unselect the option "Offer to save passwords"

After doing that your passwords should be automatically deleted.

To double check, open the link once again and refresh the page just in case.

important: this will also stop Google from asking to save your passwords. In case you want only to clear the existent passwords, re-execute the steps re-enabling the option "Offer to save passwords".

  • That doesn't work at all
    – Coli
    Nov 11 at 17:44

Found the answer here: Chrome > ctrl+shift+delete > clear browsing data > advanced

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