YouTube now has live video. How do I set that up for myself? I can't find information about live streaming anywhere.

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As per the YouTube support pages (dated 7 April 2011)

Hello YouTube live streaming partners! As you may have read, we're gradually rolling out our self-service live streaming beta platform to partners with accounts in good standing (no Copyright or Terms of Service strikes). The beta platform enables partners to stream live from their channels at any time and schedule events ahead of time to notify their subscribers.

In order to ensure a great live stream viewing experience, we plan to roll this offering out incrementally over the course of the coming year. If your account is enabled for live streaming, you’ll see a promotion when you log in and visit your channel page. We know many of our partners are excited about the possibility of live streaming on YouTube. If you find you have not been enabled, we welcome your enthusiasm but kindly ask for your patience. There is no process for requesting live streaming for your account - just make sure that your account is in good standing and that you remain an active uploader who respects YouTube’s community guidelines. We’re working hard to enable the feature to as many partners as possible over the course of 2011. Thanks in advance for your enthusiasm, understanding, and patience.

For partners who are enabled, please use this forum to post questions and issues you encounter, as well as feature requests for funcitonality you'd like to see in the product. The team will monitor the forum to address issues and solicit your feedback. We also hope that as you become more familiar with the product, you can help each other to solve common problems.

Thanks for participating! We’ll continue to update this forum as new product features are released.


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