Here is an example url of a video in a YouTube playlist:


We have an identifier that points to the list and the index of the video in this list.

Is it possible to navigate to a video if you know the list and the index, but not the video id?

If I leave out the video id it just redirects to the home page:


An example use-case for this is that if I have a very large playlist and I want to find a video somewhere in the middle it's easier to navigate to by index than scrolling.

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You asked:

Is it possible to navigate to a video if you know the list and the index, but not the video id?

No. At least, not directly.


Lets say that (as per your example) you want to go to the 6th video of playlist PLUl4u3cNGP60hI9ATjSFgLZpbNJ7myAg6

Try the following:

Place any single character like +*-_$&=@06abgk after .../watch?v=

Your example will become something like




YouTube will "think" for a while, guess and correct your link based on your playlist and index number and finally redirect you to


Please notice that the index number used is -1 the desired one.
We use index=5 to get to index=6


  1. One cannot use index=0 to get to index=1.
  2. If one uses an index number greater than the ones existing in the playlist (like index=745), it will default to index=2
  3. Instead of using just one single character, as many as up to 10 characters can be used. This means (if already in the playlist) you can just delete a couple of the current video ID's characters and replace the index number -1
  • That is very interesting behavior. Thank you for your answer, this is very useful. I was initially thinking about creating an extension that would use Javascript to circumvent the problem by targeting the element and simulating a click. I'm glad I never got around to it, because this approach is a lot more elegant.
    – bas
    Commented Oct 10, 2021 at 18:33
  • Very interesting indeed. Glad I could help (even after such a long time). Thank you for accepting. Commented Oct 11, 2021 at 14:03

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