I want to know if a specific user ever retweeted any of my tweets.

For example: from:@username includes:nativeretweets filter:nativeretweets

The above command gets part of what I want, but I need the output to show only my tweets. I thought the command below might work but it does not return any results.

from:@username to:MyUserName include:nativeretweets filter:nativeretweets

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One query which partially seems to work is

from:username filter:nativeretweets @MyUserName

I mentioned partially because this also includes tweets retweeted by username which mention @MyUserName. Not necessarily tweeted by MyUserName. Also, this only seems to show recent retweets because that's twitter search for you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's broken most of the times.

You could also use Tweetdeck to filter specific notifications:

  • Select Add Column from the left panel and select Notifications

  • Click on the the top right icon to filter for specific notification

    ![enter image description here

  • Under Notification types, select only Retweets

    enter image description here

  • Under Tweet authors, select "specific user..." and enter the username

    enter image description here

This also excluded tweets for some users. But, way better than the twitter native search.

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