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I need to create a conditional filter where at least 3 of the numbers in either cell is greater than 60. I have highlighted the rows in bold that qualify.

The first one (lets call them a1 and b1 ) do not qualify as only 1 number is over 60

The second row (a2 and b2) qualifies as there are 3 numbers in that row over 60, 74,85,80

It does not matter if the numbers of 60 are in a single cell in the row or a mixture of both as shown below

Thank you, I look forward to your solution


See File

Conditional Formatting contains following formula


where $A1&","&$B1 are first cells of range of your data (can be adjusted).

  • Hi Oleg, is it possible to also filter out/remove the data that doesn't fit the criteria – good karma Sep 23 '20 at 17:25
  • You can create filter and filter by color. Or see the file, I added quick solution, it uses support sheet, so you can hide it. – Oleg_S Sep 24 '20 at 7:22

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