Why can't I hear a high-frequency sound when I play a YouTube video? For example, if you upload a 19khz high frequency to YouTube and play the iPhone , the high frequency will not come out. Why do you cut high-mainstreamers on YouTube?


YouTube uses 128 kbit/s AAC custom encoder for most videos, which they ran a blind study on and found it indistinguishable from 320 kbit/s MP3. However, this study involved mostly university students, and those were too old to hear these high frequencies, so that it cuts off high frequencies went undetected. However:

Opus, which is used for most playbacks on the web and will soon be used on Android, does not have this problem.

Steven Robertson, March 2018

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  • My question is, it works properly on web and Android YouTube app. However, frequencies above 17 khz are not played on the iPhone alone. I wonder why you stop the high-mainstream faction on YouTube. – 정재엽 Sep 28 at 1:17

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