I am using Google Hangouts chat with Gmail and regularly use an AutoRefresh addon to update the status so I am showing as Green, or Active.

I am trying to refresh chat status while logged into the same Google account across 2 computers to keep my status Green ("active"). The Chrome Addon I was using before Super Easy Autorefresh Plus has suddenly stopped working and the status "times out" or goes inactive on the second computer while I am logged into Gmail chat.

I have tried other Chrome Refresh addons that worked well in the past but suddenly this week, all of them have stopped working properly.

I think this may have something to do with the new version of Hangouts that Google rolled out and the Addons have not been properly updated to account for this change in programming.

But I am not sure.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Is there a workaround or a script in Windows to keep Chrome status "active"?


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