Here is the general structure of my spreadsheet:

Start End   Total X1 Y1 X2 Y2 X3 Y3 ... Xn Yn
09:00 10:00 1560  20 15 10 30 12 80

Total = X1 * Y1 + X2 * Y2 + X3 * Y3 ... Xn + Yn

The SUMPRODUCT function does this but it requires multiple rows of data. I need the products to match up with their corresponding Start and End time records and this proved to be extremely difficult when they are spread over many rows.

Is there a way I can use SUMPRODUCT with an unlimited number of columns instead of rows?


In File in cell C2 there is following formula:


Where $D1:$AA2 is supposed to be range of your data for Xn Yn so you can insert columns and range will expand.

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