I tried doing what the above article stated, but it didn't work. Now, to give a clearer picture of what I'm dealing with:

In the first cell, this command is written: =ARRAYFORMULA(3/2^(SEQUENCE(100,1,1,1)))

An under it, there is a bunch of cells occupied with quite small numbers. Eventually, these numbers are so small they are written as a 0. If I press on the cell, the number written with the scientific notation appears. How do I make this go away. Can I increase the spreadsheet's limit of digits in a cell for example?


In Google sheets select the cell the Format → Number then instead of Automatic, select Number and the result will be properly formatted.

enter image description here

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  • I think I've tried this, or something similar, previously. Trying it now, the same result came. The zero is turned into a 0.00, but all the decimals are not showing themselves. If I hover over it, that same number with the scientific notation is showing. – Alve Kvåle Oct 6 at 18:10
  • What then is the true value you are trying to format? – User24601 Oct 6 at 18:18
  • There is a display limit of 30 decimals for a number. Since your results are 10^-30 and smaller it won't show number with decimals. – Oleg_S Oct 7 at 9:30

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