Am reading a Reddit post on Desktop web (Chrome, MacOS).

What does these 14M, 16F mean? "14 years old Male"?

enter image description here


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You asked: "What does these 14M, 16F mean? "14 years old Male"?"

As mentioned on the About Community info (found at the top right corner of the page):

r/AskTeenBoys is a subreddit to ask boys questions. Please add a user flair indicating your age and gender. If you cannot find your age and gender, message us for a custom flair.

Also in the wiki page Assigning User Flair one finds:

Everyone has to apply a user flair according to their respective age and gender before posting or commenting.

The icon or text that appears next to people's usernames is called "user flair". Each subreddit has its own and it is set up by the mods.

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