I like the way I can choose a theme in regular gmail, but I don't seem to find the option for my GoogleApps account. Is is possible to change it?

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I'm seeing this setting in Settings -> Themes. If it's not appearing for you, it might be because of the Google Apps next-generation setting (which is avaliable in US English only).

  • My GApps is configured as UK and I get themes!
    – Shevek
    Jul 7, 2010 at 8:52

This should be possible, but may be disabled by your administrator. We use Gmail/Google Apps at work, and I believe the administrators only allowed themes a month before it was released to our organization.

If themes were enabled, you would see them under the "Settings > Themes" menu. I can see that option from my Google Apps account.

The list at Google Help (scroll down to "Features and Branding") shows that Themes are available for Google Apps.


It must be enabled by your administrator. Specifically, it only appears if the administrator enables Gmail Labs.


Well this is strange.

I never set my domain to use other language than English-USA. The strangest thing, is, I didn't do anything and after a few days the tab "Themes" was available in Settings/Themes.

I wonder if reviewing my configuration somehow triggered "something"

:-/ I guess I'll never know.

Thank you all +1 to everyone :)

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