Sorry if this is a bit convoluted. My client has shared all their Google Drive folders with me. I do the work, and then upload into the respective folders. For some reason - the work I've done ends up on my drive too. No clue why. (If anyone can answer that, that'll be a bonus!)

If I delete the work from my drive, to free up space - will they delete on my client's side too?

  • Yes, you own the items, so if you delete them, they are deleted for everybody.
    – ahorn
    Commented Nov 13, 2020 at 19:50

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If your client has a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Business or higher account, ask them to create a Shared Drive (formerly Team Drive) then move the files you uploaded there.

The above because if you upload the files to a folder that is in "My Drive", no matter if your client is the folder owner, the files consume your Google storage quota, and if you delete them, then your client will not be able to open them.



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