Has anyone figured out how to get Gmail to stop processing filters once a condition is met? I would like to avoid having certain messages potentially get multiple labels. As great as Gmail is, the filtering option is quite primitive.


This sort of answers my question. You can't stop filters from processing once a condition is met, but you can add a filter to filter messages that have been filtered, which will do in my case.

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    This was helpful. I have a variety of messages coming from the same email address but with different text in quotes in the From header. I set up rule #1 to apply the label "noise". Then I set up rule #2 to exclude messages with that label (with -label:noise) and apply its own label. Feb 5 '13 at 14:22

You could use NOT functions in your filter. Say you have a, b and c as keywords for your labels:

  • filter1: a -b -c > everything from a

  • filter2: -a b -c > everything from b

  • filter3: -a -b c > everything from c

but of course, this is a hassle in case of many filters


If you label your messages in previous rules, you can use "has:nouserlabels" condition in further rules to exclude already processed.

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