I want to remove specific (or any) values in dynamic array/range and return the result of the resized array without those values without using filter() as I need to use arrayformula.

For example,

{"","","A","","B"} // size: 5


{"A","B"} // size: 2

Is there a way to do this?


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I found a way to do this using a custom function. The array arrives in the function as an object containing (in general) a 2D array. This can be edited to delete the null strings, but that still leaves 'null' attributes in the object. JSON stringification allows final removal.

 * Removes null elements from a two dimensional range.
 * The array is passed by Google sheets as an object containing a two dimensional array.

function condense(as)
   for (r in as) { for (e in as[r] ) { if (as[r][e]===""){delete as[r][e];}}
                   if (as[r].every(function(e,i,a) {e===null;})){delete as[r];}
 return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(as).replace(/null,/g,"").replace(/,null]/g,"]"));



Produces A and B in adjacent cells.

The function also works for general 2D ranges. For example


reduces to


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