This single user currently has 543 postings, all basically the same 2 ads.

They use keyword spam in the ad body to appear in substantially every Craigslist search I perform.

How can I block or mute a Craigslist user so that I never see another one of their ads?

If it can't be done via a CL account setting, how can I do so via an ad-blocker program?

I'm aware of other potential solutions to improve my search:

  • Filter "by Owner" so that I do not see any dealer results.
  • Add -cargo or other similar negative search terms.
  • Flag the ads by this user.

But this question is about blocking a seller entirely.

CL spam

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This has become an especially serious problem. I've started leaving the companies responsible bad reviews on Google Maps and asking them to stop. It doesn't solve the problem in the short term but perhaps exposing the spammers publicly will lead to a reduction over time.

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