Gmail has a search bar where you can filter emails. For example, to see emails from December 2019:

before:2020/01/01 after:2019/11/30 

Or to see emails before the start of 2020 which are starred:

before:2020/01/01 is:starred

But how do you ask for "Emails before the start of 2020 and which are NOT starred? I've tried combinations like before:2020/01/01 NOT is:starred or {before:2020/01/01} - {before:2020/01/01 is:starred} but nothing works.

This Google help article covers more options, but I wasn't able to work out a way to select a negation (like the C/C++ ! operator).

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After testing for longer, the following command works:

before:2020/01/01 -is:starred

There must not be any space between - and is:starred.


I got it to work with this:

-label:starred after:2019/01/01 before:2019/12/31 shows me non-starred e-mails, received in 2019.

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